Charles R. Billings  
Charles R. Billings, Ph.D.

You want to change your life. You’re ready to move forward guided by someone who clearly sees your true self with a deep understanding that goes beyond empathy.

Whether that next step involves freedom from painful limiting beliefs, release from repetitive relationship patterns or transformation through sincere self-examination, I can help you fully realize the person you are destined to become. Everyone possesses his or her own unique blueprint. I’ve worked with more than 1,000 individuals and couples to successfully attain short-term goals or craft long-range solutions by utilizing a variety of approaches matched to their specific needs or expressed desires.

I’ve been a psychotherapist and have trained others to become psychotherapists in Marin for more than 35 years. Besides my clinical practice, I am a professor of psychology plus the chairperson and founder of the graduate department of Counseling Psychology at Dominican University of California in San Rafael. My clients benefit not only from this reservoir of experience but that of literally hundreds of therapists I have also worked with or counseled.


Dr. Charles R. Billings

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